Wednesday, August 31, 2011

"Officially" Starting Work

Well today the staff of Saint Andrews finally met up and had our first meetings. It was mostly uneventful. Mostly. We made it through the Headmaster's address and split up for a few minutes before having the faculty meeting in my theatre. While we were in there we lost power, again. First Main power shut off leaving only the emergency lights and exit signs lit up. about 5 seconds after that, they died too. Luckily after about 30 seconds it all came back on. Since there is still a large part of RI without power it sounded like the power company had been saying that to bring up another part of the grid they'd have to kill power and then bring it all back up so we think that was all that happened. Other than that power was consistent for us.

I finally was able to meet the rest of my arts department, it is myself and 4 ladies all over 35, one of them being our just turned 60 department head. So that is an interesting work dynamic. Though they are all great and I really look forward to working with them.

Also today marked my official first meeting to go over Seussical which is our fall musical this year. Luckily for me the set is about 60% finished since we are adapting something they used for the summer camps so it's already on stage, I just need to add some more platforms, build a new curved staircase, paint and create a few new scenic elements. I haven't ran this past Melanie (music director) yet, but after talking today I hope and think this should work. In either case it was about a 10 minute sketch and a first rough idea.

I'm planning on painting our rehearsal cubes like old wooden blocks with sketch marks and such and hopefully we're going to draw a lot of these elements straight out of Seuss's various books. The section on the right, obviously as the label implies, will be whoville. We've got various levels and platforms already in place and had talked about something that can just roll on behind the upper platform, so I'll have to take measurements and check lighting angles but something like this should fit alright.

And now maybe a nap, then more class work and prep for tomorrow.

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