Sunday, August 28, 2011

of Surviving Irene and Not Really Noticing

The main effect Irene had on us up here in Rhode Island is that we were without power for about 7 hours. Oddly enough though, we only had heavy rain for maybe a total of 20 minutes spread across a few hours and didn't have wind much stronger than a typical Bowling Green day. Had a small limb down in part of the street around the corner and a few shingles pulled off, but as far as the first hurricane we've had in Providence, it was really a let down. I didn't expect much from it and it did just about what I thought. No scary moments, nothing huge went wrong, so yeah, that's done.

Next up I have work tomorrow at 9 am starting "professional week" and then I'll have to set aside time for a quick inspection of the theatre just to check for wind damage. Campus is still littered with construction materials and potential missiles because of the work on the dining hall so we'll have to see if there were any ill effects. Other than that, uneventful day reading Game of Thrones.

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