Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Day of Non-Productiveness

The title pretty much sums it all up. We had to wait around most of the day for the guy from Cox to come and fix our cable... you know so that we'd actually have it. Other than that all I did was go to the store for groceries and watch three episodes of Torchwood... which by the way is really good this time around. Jane Espenson's writing has been fantastic. So without further ado, here are the highlights of what the internet yielded me today:

First up: A photo series by Juha Arvid Helminen, a photographer from Finland. The series is called "Invisible Empire" and really resonated with me. The uniforms and styles alongside the anonymity and obscurity of many governments really says a lot. I'd love to see this idea and style expanded on.

Here is the link for the full set, you should check it out because its pretty interesting.

Number Two! This one was forwarded to me by Melissa, one of my few followers (sorry it will be old news to you) and I thought it was worth a repost. It is an apartment in Chelsea in New York, up for $1,750,000. Some of the things I've read about it say steampunk but after seeing the living room and kitchen, it screams Firefly to me. It just has the right mix of futuristic, rustic, anachronism that sets it forward in time while rooting it firmly in the past as well. Much like Serenity herself or many of the outer planets they encounter on the show (the pure Alliance territory is too sterile and leans to much to the future, but the "backwater" planets that have been touched by space travel make the difference here). It has a ton of character and all kinds of small details. Will this be everybody's cup of tea? Definitely not, but it will be like any other unique item that gets an upcharge because it's "different" somebody will see the ad and immediately say "it must be mine" I have no doubt that this place will sell quickly. As with number one, here is the full link so you can check out the listing and the rest of the pictures, this is quite the place, with a great rooftop deck as well. 

Number 3! I blame Ze Frank (check out the Show) for this. I have always had a love for taking warning signs, street signs... basically any sign designed to be helpful, and take it completely out of context and really just see what the picture shows me. One of the most classic ones is for hand dryers in bathrooms "press button, receive bacon". In either case, someone took a bunch of emergency tips diagrams from and recaptioned them. As an example:
These are pretty self explanatory and there are a lot of them, they kept me pretty entertained for awhile today, so click through and look at the rest of them. Full link. 
And last but not least, Number 4 (the Carmonica)! Going back to my love for mini's I stumbled across a neat little video of someone who attached 300 harmonicas to a mini and drove it around, essentially creating a symphony of harmonica and car noise. Here you are.

and a news piece about how they did it.

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