Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Setting up shop

Well, it's a world of changes here. Just moved into the new apartment in Providence this weekend and it has been a whirlwind of activity getting everything unpacked/set up/organized/ (insert any number of words here). The main focus thus far has been getting the house in order. Yesterday we went down to Barrington to tour around my school and check a few things out. From there we just started driving with a goal to see the ocean before heading back, so we got down to Bristol and Newport which are both really cool cities and eventually found a really nice beach (also picked up a nice big shell for the apartment, though we've not decided where to put it just yet.)

One upside is our landlords (who rock) let us use their wireless and our cable is actually hooked into theirs right now so we've been able to watch some tv. Most of the house has been put away.

My office is finished as much as it can be right now, eventually it will get a drafting table and a couple more of my prints framed, but that will come with some more money. The living room is also pretty much done, though we need some boxes for the dvds, a futon/couch and the money to frame the rest of the firefly prints.

The kitchen is still a mess full of empty and full boxes BUT it is still pretty useable just because of how huge it is so Heather made cookies today, I'll make bread later tonight, and we had a real nice meal the other night and another one tonight which should be good.

Another upside is we found Woodchuck special reserve cider up here for about the same price as the regular and Heather hasn't been real fond of it, so more for me. (Right) My collection of safety/vintage posters. I have a British Airways poster to add under the work with care poster.

I can tell Heather is watching Eureka in the other room since I can hear the theme song, mixed with NCIS from the living room right now. Couldn't be happier here, this place and apartment already feel like home. We really ended up finding a great place. More to come later, including some bread stuffs and finished pictures of the living areas, for now, Wall-e.

 My hide away/posting den/ work space etc


  1. I love the blue walls!! Our place is entirely flat white paint. Boo. We're allowed to paint if we want to, but we have to turn it all back to white before we leave, and I'm honestly not sure if it's worth it yet to me. We'll see how I feel about all the white once I get our multitude of art and such hung up. At any rate, your place looks great and I'm super stoked for you both!

  2. they let us pick out the colors for the bed rooms and then they painted for us before we got there so we picked out the red blue and green.