Friday, August 19, 2011

John Carter

Simple easy post today since we're about to leave for Boston.

  Here is the preview trailer for John Carter, and yes it is cool and yes I really want to see it (the real reason will come shortly)

A bit of quick background for those who don't know anything about it. It originally was to be John Carter of Mars. It is based on an old Edgar Rice Burroughs novel and Carter is a civil war veteran transplanted to Mars to help fight this war blah blah blah. A premise I like. The SINGULAR reason I really want to see this though is Peter Gabriel singing My Body is a Cage. Before I saw the trailer I was in the camp that probably wasn't going to see this movie, at least not till it came out on dvd or netflix. but Peter Gabriel can do no wrong and has sold me once again because this song rocks. I leave you with the full song, which is just awesome. Marvel at Gabriel's majesty.

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