Thursday, August 29, 2013

An overdue update

Long time no post. I'll keep it brief and slowly catch up on a little backlog of summer work and projects to be posted in the coming weeks. We finished out a busy summer at ACTSA and packed it away until a undetermined point in the future. Classes are sneaking up and will start in a little over a week. This year's musical is Grease. Not super excited about the story since it really isn't my favorite, but the set I think (knocks on wood) may be my best yet if everything goes according to plan.

Planned posts that should be upcoming:
-Coverage of Macbeth
-Summer camps (Pirates of Penzance and Treasure Island)
-Harry Potter style magic wands
-Peter Pan and the related Fight Choreography and scenery

Thats what comes to mind at the moment. Keep an eye open for the updates!