Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Moving on

Vespers is done. Next up Pippi... in two days. lots of programming tomorrow night.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Update Time!

When last we saw our hero he was battling dark forces amongst the rain slicked rooftops of the city. The moon was barely visibly, fading in and out due to the fog that clung to the night. Ever vigilant, watching, waiting, for the masked malevolence that plagues the city as the seedy undercurrent washes away the good done each day, leaving behind a filth and tarnish that would make even the most righteous heroes cringe.

So what am I up to now? I spent about 3 hours today hanging lights for Vespers our winter choir concert. I've got the snowflake gobos out and it looks pretty good. Tomorrow I have to hang physical snowflakes from the catwalk and hang a handful of lights and gel everything.Then, before this weekend... either tomorrow night (ugh) or wednesday night, I need to refocus all the lights and program cues for Pippi Longstocking which is this weekend. Awesome.The upside is I'm being paid for Pippi, but it's going to be a lot of work to refocus and hang these things in this short of a time by myself. I tried as much as possible to hang seperate lights for Vespers so I can at least just switch plugs back to the stuff I already had focused for Pippi, we'll see how well that goes. I still haven't read the script, because I don't have one, and I've only seen 1 rehearsal. At least I recorded it. Also, fun fact for Pippi, the show has a clown drop that I've named toothless Joe (seen here):
He's nice and creepy. I've equated him to the carny clown version of the Uncle Sam recruitment poster.

As far as class goes... nothing much new there, my freshmen are starting to work on shadow puppets for this thing that may or may not happen. Melanie wants there to be a performance thing, we've got muppet puppets that they are making, my shadow puppets and she was sword fighting. The whole thing is an amalgamation of random stuff and truly the best term for what this class has turned into is a clusterfuck. Otherwise I'm just trying to sneak through in my classes to the end of the semester. I've got too much going on and I'm too tired that we're not really doing much. I need to catch up on grades....

Sunday was my only real day off this weekend and it was spent out christmas shopping. Spending some of the money I got for gifts and finally picking up some stuff that was needed. Ended up at Ikea for about 3 hours and got the nice chair we'd been looking at. It is super mega comfy and was pretty cheap too. On top of that we picked up a really nice butcher block type cutting board, a mortar and pestle, a big rug for the living room and some picture frames. The rug rocks its got a medium pile and is also real soft and the living room at this point is just about done. With the tree up and the new plant it is really finished, just need to frame some of the serenity posters and other art we have sitting around.
 Tree with the new chair, it matches the floor and furniture really nice
  Along with the cutting board and mortar we went to an outlet mall and went into the Williams Sonoma there and picked up a real nice pan for about $20 should have been $40 something. Now we can actually saute things and have a pan that isn't non stick. So I tried that out tonight making spice rubbed beef, and oh boy is it fun to cook with. Also... yum
The best part yet is that all of these pictures were taken with the ipod touch I got, and they turned out pretty well, still not as nice as my canon point and shoot or the big camera but I'll always have it around and they were passable.

That's all for now. I may be gone for awhile since my weeks up to Christmas are jam packed with stuff. I have a rather large ballet to light immediately after Pippi comes down and they are already pretty frustrating. Next Wednesday I also have to drive a bus again because we're taking the freshman class to see Christmas Carol at the Trinity Rep. So there will likely be a review of that once we return.