Tuesday, August 30, 2011

of First Days of Non-Work

As scheduled my first day of work was to be monday. After a long and hard drive/ 15 minutes on campus... it was time to go home for the end of the day. I got to campus a little early to print a couple of things I needed and got parked, let myself into my building, got to my room and tried to turn on the computer. Nothing happened. then it hit me I hadn't even tried the lights. Low and behold, we were still without power there. So after sitting around for a bit to make sure nobody else was coming I decided to head home. It wasn't until that afternoon I finally got a call from the headmaster who said he hadn't been able to find my phone number to let me know till then and because the school's servers will still down there had been no way to email anybody.

Wine rack and Heather's apron hung up

Only needs a bookshelf and a couple more pictures
In either case I was glad to go, I swapped out some things I had brought home to read for some new material and accomplished a couple of things while making sure there wasn't any visible damage to anything. Barrington as it turns out got hit a lot harder than providence did and had a lot of trees down. Today they were still without power, though because I got access to the mail servers around 1230 today so we're back up and running and a go for 9 am tomorrow. So we lost a few days of "Professional week" but we're good to go for the last few days and coming up on the start of class quicker than I would like. The upside to these days off is we finally got the kitchen put away completely and since Heather's BG security deposit came in we went to Ikea to pick up our kitchen bookshelf. Only to find out (an hour drive later) that they were out of the one we were going to get, so we'll have to go back next week sometime. But we got a metal wine rack and some pot holders and a couple other small things (though they were also out of corkboards.... damn you Ikea!). So here is our, now once again, really big kitchen put together. Tonight I have just been working on class stuff, playing some games, and reading some Game of Thrones. Pretty good night.

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