Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Keys to a Brand New (7 Year Old) Theatre

Today marked my first real "teacher" meeting. My email is set up, my online gradebook is in progress and they finally handed over the keys to my space, including three that belong to something...somewhere...if I can find anything they work in, nobody seems to know. Highlights of today include driving a short bus like a champ, not too difficult after moving out here. I got to chauffeur the Dean of Students and the other new hire teacher I was with today as we talked about things and she waited for her turn to drive. Highlight 2 was actually getting into the theatre and my classroom.

Downsides of today. I've got a lot of work to do. The class stuff I'm not even too worried about, I spent tonight mapping out my tech class and the guides they gave me for the computer classes give me a real nice start on the work there. My major concerns are the theatre spaces themselves at the moment. I haven't gone through my inspection list just yet (that comes tomorrow) but it looks like the last time the linesets were inspected may have been 2007 so they are past due to have someone look at them and make sure we aren't going to.... you know... drop things on people.

My Classroom
Other pseudo-major concern is that my dimmer rack (while it looks real nice) seems to be a little out of whack and may have been changed by someone who wasn't certified so I may need to get an ETC rep to come out and take a look at it. And after a quick talk with someone it looks like maybe it was in better shape and that it had been cleaned recently... Though I still think a couple things are out of place.

My Desk
Theatre itself is pretty nice. No actual booth which is a pain, it works for sound mixing but the lighting board is out there too. We've got a huge open storage area behind the cat walk but you can only kind of see the stage so I may try to talk them into buying a few monitoring systems and have a video feed to makeup for the bad sight lines and move the board upstairs. Also I don't technically have a grid so I can't easily deadhang things and I've heard rumors that certain things don't fly all the way out. Blarg.

Only other major list is that my shop is full of junk that isn't mine or even my departments, it has a shipment of cleaning supplies all still boxed up and what appear to be boxed up brand new desks along with old windows and computer stuff that I'm not going to put up with and need to get cleared out of there. Other than those things I'm stupid excited, I just have a lot of reorganizing and drafting/inventorying work ahead of me.

The rest of my pictures can be found on facebook. Here are a couple of the main office and the oldest building on campus, the chapel. More pictures of the shop and such will come as I get all the crap cleaned out and get it to a place where I like it better. 

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  1. This looks great!! I'm deciding whether I'm going to shoot for photos of the theatre and such with my phone now, or wait till I have my card reader unpacked and use my camera... Decisions! Can't believe you have a classroom-- crazy awesome!