Friday, September 2, 2011

Knowledge Friday?

After realizing today that I think I missed last week's knowledge friday, I realized... it's dumb and I'd mostly be cutting and pasting or rewriting something that I had just learned about. So for now it is dead, but it may come back in a different form. In either case there will be a weekly installment post of some kind, once I get it figured out. Today was a grownup day since our new bank information and cards finally arrived so we took that (and my day off) and went for a drive. Had a good lunch in Bristol at Aidans it is a really great place, with lots of good, inexpensive food, and really good crab cakes. I recommend it for anybody coming up to our area, and you people should be coming up to our area.

Other than that we didn't do much today, went to the Providence mall and only bought some tea from Teavana but enjoyed just walking around. Now it's (hopefully) time for dinner.

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