Sunday, September 11, 2011

Kneel Before Your King!

Yesterday was a day of exploration through downtown Providence, which had us mostly on the east side. We started in Wayland square where we found some good ice cream/food as well as our new favorite local bookstore as well as a few other neat places. At said bookstore I finally picked up a copy of Neil Gaiman's Eternals. One of many Neil Gaiman graphic novels I and Heather have been wanting to pick up. Next up is the Sandman series. 
As you can see we also had another small victory and found someone who sells Coppola. Bottles (our favorite wine store) just started stocking it along with some of the other Coppola wines and they said after gauging how well it sells they may keep stocking it all the time. Which is pretty cool since we haven't seen it anywhere out here yet and we've (or at least I have) been actively looking for it. Afternoon adventure = success.

Last night we decided to head downtown to experience our first water fire. We'll definitely be going back to see more. Originally this started as an art installation and it caught on and they kept doing it. So now there is a set schedule and they do so many each year and its quite an event. They shut down a couple of blocks and bridges and the area along one of the rivers becomes this laid back, music filled, street vendor... thing. It was really great they had music piped through speakers along the river and when I say music I mean dramatic, orchestral at times almost operatic/classical its hard to explain other than it was good.

You can also get gondola rides down the river, before the fires start as well as while they are going. Though they are around $100 a person so I'm not sure we'll be doing that any time soon but there's tons of other neat stuff too. There is so much that goes on that we had a hard time deciding what all was part of the actual "event" and what was just costumed people or random folks showing up unrelated to water fire.

By the time it got dark it was actually kind of chilly, it was in the mid 60's today when I woke up so I'm going to guess we may have hit the high 50's last night with the wind and all. But as long as you were near the river the heat from the fires gave you a nice warmth. It was great weather for it and really was like sitting out at a nice bonfire except that there were a hundred of them  and they were huge. It was definitely something different than we have ever seen and was a great experience just watching it all burn and hearing the crackle and the flames blow. We're looking forward to the next one.

Also after we got home last night the little neighbor children were outside playing something, and then... as the title of this post says w hear one shout KNEEL BEFORE YOUR KING! and there was some fighting and I think he started telling them individually to kneel and he may have knighted them. I'm not entirely sure what all happened but it was entertaining.

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  1. They stock Coppola in our building... remind me to get some next time you and Heather are in town! Also Water Fire looks amazing!