Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday Entertainment

Today (as usual for sundays around here it seems) was a lazy day of stumbling on the internets and working on class prep. Also that cat has been crazy annoying today, from climbing on things he shouldn't to clawing at the  door molding, to continually licking and chewing on plastic things and folders and such in my office. He has been driving me crazy. The upside of it being the first week of classes is that I actually only have 6 class periods to teach and I'm done. Since we start Wednesday I get a break in classes so it is a pretty easy ease into it hand out syllabus and waste 10 minutes type of stuff. It's going to be hard to adjust to 50 minute classes after having been in college classes so hopefully this first week will give me an idea of how much or how little I can accomplish each period.

Now for the fun!

here are a couple of gifs to start us out. I think I've seen this panda before except in a kitchen setting, I wish I knew what it was from.

Because everybody loves kitties.

And finally for the gifs, potentially the favorite thing I've found in awhile, we've got a dog reacting to tasting a lime for the first time.

This next picture is just full of sheer awesome, there's nothing I don't like, Felicia Day rocks and her posting of pictures like this from Dragoncon has been a lot of fun to follow because she is having just as much fun with the fans she has been finding as they have with her. In either case I have decided that at some point in time in the future I must make Statler and Waldorf masks like this to wear around just as these two folks are doing.
For those of you out there who are Doctor Who fans here is an old DW Confidential video from christmas time and features some really neat video of Matt Smith and company and shows an interesting love he apparently has for badgers.

Also continuing on the muppet theme here is a behind the scenes video of the filming of OK Go's new muppet show cover. If you haven't seen the video for the new song check it out too it is pretty entertaining.

and now I leave you with this thought.
Until another day...

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