Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Weddings, Money and Swords!

Well... the upsides to this week. Tomorrow we're fleeing to the Cleve to attend the BeanTona wedding which should be awesome. Because of that... Tomorrow is my last day teaching for the week. Thats about it for the plus side.

Negatives. Money continues to be way tighter than we would have hoped. I'm tired of worrying about money. I'm a grown ass adult working as much as the full time faculty I teach with but you consider me a part time employee. Teachers ask me what I'm teaching and I list off four classes and my after school responsibilities and they say all that and you're part time? yeah... it gets old. It's bullshit because they essentially did this to make sure I'd stay around because they want to keep me but they've gone through 6 people in like 7 years so they didn't want to waste the money if I choose not to stay next year. But I plan on it so it's frustrating. I can't be too upset because I knew this getting into it. Though the extra work required of me is a bit more than they said originally. I'd just like to get paid like an adult and have the money to occasionally splurge on things or buy myself something nice every once in awhile. Such as getting the ipod that I've been putting off for 3 years.. or I don't know, something simpler, like food. Or presents for friends who are getting married.

Don't get me wrong I've liked the job alot, minus the parts that I dread which are pretty common, but mostly relate to my not feeling comfortable as a teacher yet. and I'm really looking forward to this wedding. Living in Rhode Island has been great but we're the only ones out here. Again, we knew that getting into it, but it's lonely and we miss our friends and it sucks knowing this is the only wedding we can go to this season because A. We can't afford another, and B. we can't get off for others, and there are a lot that I'm missing that I really wanted to go to, Sorry Erin, Aimee, and company. I don't have a problem making the tough decisions, it's part of life, I understand that, I'm just tired of waiting for that point where it gets a little easier. You should in theory be enjoying yourself. We can't afford to get some things framed yet, we have books in boxes still because we can't spare the extra $20 for a book shelf. I'm tired. We are both working grown adult, full responsibility jobs, and neither of us are getting paid to our abilities or our worth. I'd just like one moment of vindication where someone says you know what... you should be getting more, what were we thinking. And until that point happens I've decided I'll be bringing in my swords and teaching combat to one of my classes because that makes me cool to them, nobody else can do it at the school, it's intimidating and hopefully if I train them well enough they will fight and die for me at my command and I can unleash my student army upon the campus and begin my rule of blood, Joffrey Baratheon (Lannister) style.

and now I leave you with some entertainment after that heavy post.

This one goes out to Yozo.... for some reason.
And last but not least a video that is pretty awesome. Those who enjoy My Drunk Kitchen should like this, I'm impressed that she's a good cook, entertainingly funny and happens to be a really good singer on top of that as it turns out.


  1. If you need to borrow swords for your student rebellion, just let me know. Han just added a rapier to my collection, so that brings me up to a rapier, a claymore, a broadsword, a katana, a tai chi jian, a spiky club, some 3 foot lengths of solid rattan, an aircraft aluminum baton, a shotgun and a shar pei. If any of that would help you two make what you deserve, all you have to do is ask, and my weapons and I shall be at your service.

  2. I'm going to assume this is Ryan because of the Viking aspect. I'm not quite that armed and they'll likely start training with dowl rods but I've got almost enough practice stuff for them to "graduate" to and I'm hoping I can pick up another rapier or bastard sword since those are only fight worthy steel I have right now and they obviously can't go up against each other.

  3. and the whole hannah reference which I didn't catch till later.