Saturday, October 8, 2011

Weddings and Catching up

I haven't had a real urge to update this for a little bit, mostly because I've been trying to recover from last week's drive to Ohio and back. I managed to get a couple of extra days off so I was able to head towards Ohio sooner for Alex and Becky Bean's wedding. Because I had the extra time I managed to get out to Cedar Point and see some awesome Halloweekends folks. This was both great and depressing. I loved being able to see everybody but it wasn't long enough and I really wanted to go out there with them. Sadly I picked a terrible night to go and it was dripping wet and nasty, but the zones rocked and I got to see the Garter show which was enjoyable.

Friday night I ended up at Carrie Williams house in Cleveland which was great since (now) Sergeant Barlow was staying there as well. None of the Bowling Green folk were sure when Pete told everyone he was going to the army, but it seems to have worked out really well for him. So Saturday morning I get up and the problems start. I was to make cider for the wedding but couldn't get the keys to Lauren's place, then I did get them but Alex had given me the wrong keys and I couldn't get in. So I get to the wedding and I had to borrow Russ Katona's pants for the wedding. Wedding went pretty well and then we moved on to the reception and the real fun began. The band they had was Hepcat Revival which has always been a favorite of the BG crowd so it was nice having them, also open bar. So that was quite enjoyable as well. I was probably drunkest bridesmaid, but I couldn't fit into any of the dresses so that is a good thing (that's the tradition, though it doesn't always happen) The upside is I had some really good conversations and had some really good drinks as well. It was really nice to see people and that was something that was greatly needed after having been out here for about 2 months now.

Drove home sunday without any major problems and I made it through another week. I'm still not comfortable with a lot of this stuff but I'm getting into the swing of it at least and it goes easier and faster. I still don't like middle schoolers though. blargh. Plans for this weekend are... absolutely nothing, so as to recover from the driving last week. Next post will include some pictures, better stories, and some entertainment.

Big update post concluded.

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