Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Bit Behind

As the title says, that's my life right now. Updates will be coming soon. For now a quick run down. working every day on Seussical now (picture below) and still trying to keep up. Classes are ok, doing stage combat makes life easier because its fun and I don't have to lesson plan for it. This Saturday I have to be on campus from 9am till 9 pm because of rehearsal and then a stand in the background as TD for a benefit concert with some guy named Danny Rivera. The upside is once I am done with rehearsal apparently they are paying me extra to be there for the concert. So some extra cash will be good. Especially since Sunday is the trip to King Richard's Faire in Mass. for a nice, enormous ren faire. I'm excited and will likely walk away with a newly purchased weapon. ALSO, monday I'll be driving my class in a mini bus (while another teacher drives her class) 3 hours to go visit Lowell Massachussets and check out the program they have about old new england mills and the child labor that was used etc, as a day long field trip to prep our classes for the February show "Mill Girls"

too much work, not enough time, and boy am I tired.

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