Monday, September 5, 2011

New Art of the Day

I'll leave it to Heather to give all the details on this piece as I'm sure she will, but for now here is a new bit of art that will be going in the bathroom, made by both of us.

Tomorrow I have my last day of prep before classes start. I have a lot too do and a lot that still needs to be clarified, hopefully it all goes well. Tomorrow night is the faculty/student/family meet and greet cook out. so I'll get to meet a bunch of the kids. I also have to get started on Seussical and make sure Melanie approves of the sketches I did and start on construction of a few other pieces.

On top of that in my down time I'll be making us a headboard out of old pallets (assuming they are still in the shop when I get there tomorrow). So I'll document that here as it gets going. That is all for now.


  1. Mr Smith! That's so bizarre!! =P

  2. you're telling me, that's why I took the picture, it weirded me out. Apparently I have to get used to it since once the year starts students and staff all use last names for us. So I have to get on learning the names of my department... there's only 5 of us.