Saturday, April 9, 2016

Captain America Redux

Well, its been far to long since I've updated this and a lot has changed in my world. Since my last post my etsy store transformed into "The Wooden Forge" if you know me, you're well aware of this. But what that means is I'm also more active not only selling things, but making things as well. It has become this sort of nerd haven for me to indulge my need to work with my hands while doing it all with a nerd flair. Its my outlet, my freedom, my "thing" that pushes me to keep trying and learning about more things.

About a year ago I finally tackled what I've decided is THE project for me (at least for now). A Captain America shield, just like in the original Avengers. It has changed some now as the movies have progressed but I still love this original design. SO what that means is I'll be taking my posts on the Facebook page ( and expanding  the process into a real tutorial so all of you adventurous types can try to make one for yourself.

For now, a teaser of some of the in process shots to tide you over till later. You can see some more at the Facebook page, or my Etsy shop where I have shots of a finished shield.

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