Sunday, April 10, 2016

A Full Day of Staying Busy

Another small tease as I make progress on the shield.

Today I did 90% of the work on the star for the shield. Taking breaks on it I started making coasters out of a bunch of old records. Most of them are just the centers, but one exception was a copy of The Beatles "Sgt. Pepper's" that happened to be a pressing that had a full color image all over it so I worked my way around grabbing the best parts until I had a full set.

A bit of advice. These are crazy simple to do. IF you have and use a heat gun. I struggled to cut these the other day then I had the bright idea to heat them up until they were fluid and then a sharp blade cuts through them like butter. From there you can just hand sand the edges until you're happy. Depending on whether or not there's a paper label on it, you may want to seal them with something so that water/spilled drinks don't wreck the track listings.

Hooray new ideas! Starting tomorrow I'll start adding a new post walking through the shield project each week. If popular demand says I should do it faster I'll do twice a week but for now I'll post them on Mondays.

If you want up to date, day to day posts showing what I"m working on and where I am on these shields, head over to the Facebook page, like the shop and you'll get regular updates with shiny fun pictures

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