Friday, April 15, 2016


Took a small break from shields for a few days while I finished tweaking and cleaning up the front of my latest cap build while Captain Canada sits stripped and waiting for paint. Also got in two more sleds and have an order for THE REAL DEAL aluminum spun blank coming sometime in the near future. So you ask what have I been doing in the mean time? Jumping over to DC comics and tackling batarangs!

This all started out because I found some decent bar stock and went... why not, this should be fun. So I found a template and then scaled it up because apparently the batarangs in "The Dark Knight" are crazy small... or so the internet says. Wheres the fun in that? so I moved them up to about 2 inches tall and around 5 inches wide. 

So far I've got 3 versions done with another coming and I think that will be standard for what I end up making. A completely flat black version, black with the edge bevels cleaned back to bare metal, A completely clean mirrored, and coming this weekend a fluorescent yellow version that is far from stealthy but good clean fun.

The mirror finish isn't done here, I've got more polishing to do but as of today I can clearly see myself in it, so thats fun. 

You can see in the black picture, there's the bar that I'm working with. I thought about the smaller ones too. I may still do some of those in the future as key rings. One of the main problems with making these is needing the right tools. A jigsaw and metal blade work... sort of. Lots of grinding and hand filing to clean them up, a band saw or scroll saw would work wonders here.

When it comes down to it, if you have some patience, these are real easy to make. The clean up takes the longest time but if you plan the cuts right they pop free in about a minute. 

This is what you don't want to do. Its harder once you cut it free because you have to clamp it down and things just get in the way. So cut the wing thats sticking out of the bar, and THEN cut the other wing so its free. If you're REALLY smart, you'll cut the head and ears free first as well. Those get lots of filing just because there's no good way to get in there.

So eventually you end up with this. From this point on, its just refining edges and cleaning up to whatever level you want! I won't lie, working these on a bench grinder with sparks flying, you feel like the real deal. Time to go dispense some justice. 

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Exciting colors! Batman yellow, Anodized red and blue for Red Hood and Nightwing!

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