Monday, April 18, 2016

Captain Canada! Do you give it an... Eh Plus?

I thought today was a good day to point out how easily the pride of America, the personification of our great (err.... our.... ok) country can become the maple syrup dripping, overly apologetic representation of our neighbor to the north.

Rather than continuing to paint a cap shield... You get to stop after the red! Forget the blue! don't do it! hooray!

It actually saves a step and swaps it out for painting the maple leaf instead.

I will say, cutting the maple leaf it a little harder than the star. Still not real hard, but definitely more cuts.

Once you get it free, it gets spun the same way a star does. Sanded as you like and then rough sanded in a circle so you get the same spun look.

Once you get that, its back to painting as usual. A light coat of red. wait for 10 minutes, another light coat, wet 10 and then finally a heavy coat. Clear coat as usual after an hour or (according to instructions) a day or later so things can cure  properly.

At some point I'll sand this one down, glue the star and its business as usual. I have to thank Nathan Fillion for this one. He did this costume a few years ago and between that and a couple of Captain America TFA posters done up like this, I've been kind of obsessed with the idea.

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    1. Its getting there, attached the leaf this morning and then I've got to wax it up a bit for some added shine. Strap later today if I'm being productive enough.