Monday, May 5, 2014

Vintage Engagement Photos

I am particularly fond of these pictures, so I thought I'd throw them up here just to show off. We had a lot of other ones taken but these definitely are my favorite and a pretty good representation of ourselves and our style. We had been looking to get some on a train but things fell through and luckily found a police station that was built in the style of an old train depot which worked as a great backdrop. I just wish there were a couple I'd kept a straight face for. If I hadn't looked so concerned in the black and white picture, it would be one of my favorite ever. Oh well.
welcome to Pleasantville
 Right this way
 Stop screwing around
 If only I weren't thinking, "whats that in the distance?"
 Are they gone?
 This is the "of course I can be normal" picture
 "SO HAPPY TO SEE YOU!" also known as the "hold a person in the air for an unreasonable amount of time so I can take 25 pictures"... picture
 "Its a good thing we're outside because when I try to be sweet indoors I hit your head on door frames"
 Just being sweet this time
 "How much do I have to mess with you before you break and start laughing"
Unplanned fixing of my bowtie. Bowties are cool.

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