Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Pallet Shelves for the Shop

Well, what's been going on since the piano you ask? A short trip home, and now enjoying some down time before starting summer camp work. With this time I've been sorting out the scene shop, junking some stuff, recovering from the ballet I had last weekend, and FINALLY after a year getting around to reorganizing it all as I'd like it.

This as included building some new shelves. While I've got a lot of lumber I need to get rid of for various reasons, I saved it and decided it was easier to use the pallets I already had stacked up in the shop. Since this is going to be paint cans sitting on it, it didn't need to be solid and I've built a solid top shelf for other stuff. The pallet on the floor you can see here surround by tape is because I've sprayed a yellow box on the floor in an attempt to hopefully get the paper deliveries I get stuck with dropped in that spot instead of all over.

The important thing for making something like this easier on yourself is to measure them and find some with matching rails. I had about 10 of them to choose from and those two were the only one with the same dimension, so I didn't have to match supports and add extra 2x4. That pallet of paper on the left is exactly what I was talking about. Right in my way, as usual.

While technically all of that rack is finished, except for a top long shelf that will run along that wall, I may still take it outside and spray it so it's all the same color. Partially because it's mismatched and because I want to use my new Husky air sprayer. We'll see what happens.

ALSO, construction on the new dorm addition/renovation are right on schedule, I snuck in this past weekend to look around and see what they had going on, the rest of the pictures are on facebook.

This is actually par of the old dorm that they've gutted to the bones.

I assume this will be the new entry way with a big open tower like my building as on the one side.

It's looking pretty nice. So far I'm just enjoying the weather and working at my own speed. Production meeting tomorrow for the Rapunzel tour we're doing this summer, then I suppose I'll work some more. Also, as a last thought, GO SEE BRAVE. Pixar rarely lets me down, but with this one they really knocked it out of the park. It was an awesome, fun movie. They continue to excel in bringing characters that can't speak to life and making it clear without the dialogue. This also holds true for the short at the start, it may be my favorite Pixar short to date.

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