Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Filler Post

So this is a filler post, sort of. I figured since I'm bouncing off the wall, which makes no sense because I've been working on this piano project for 4-6 hours a day, I'd fill people in on what's been going on in life. Like I said, I'm working on that, it's almost finished, I just have coats of poly to put on it, which take 3-12 hours to dry fully so it's a lot of down time. My biggest problem is twofold. One, I'm done with school so I'm not teaching from 8 till 3 every day. The other part of the problem is knowing that I'm moving to Barrington at the end of summer, which is brutal for me because it's just like being in the town I grew up in. It's gorgeous, its quiet, it's a place you can walk around and sit out in at night. It is almost completely opposite of where I am right now. I'm anxious to move and be in a new place and unpack and redecorate and rearrange everything. The school owns kayaks, but to be able to do that I have to drive down there. 20 minutes isn't too bad, but I know that in September or next summer I'll be right there able to do it already. So this whole not being there already thing is sort of driving the crazy. I just described to Schyler on facebook that basically I run myself ragged during the year, so I'm always exhausted so once summer hits I'm like HEY! THIS IS AWESOME! for a couple of days. Then it wears off and my body wants to be doing things again, wants to be creative, wants to make something. The problem is that where we currently are in Providence that can't really happen, so I have to drive to Barrington to do it. Once we live there, if I get hit by this feeling at 11 at night I could actually go over to the shop and do something, my being productive could reorganize the shop, or bang out some furniture, or something. I'm just ready for change. I need a break from my break.

Ok, back to what I've been up to other than going crazy, and piano desks. Last weekend I had the ballet company of doom show up again (the same group that did Nutcracker in December). They were just as bad as last time and left the place a mess. So I've had it, I'm done and I said as much to the guy who does the rentals. SO I got an extra $5 an hour added to my pay for the event and I'll be getting an extra 10 if they come back again. BLARGH, I said I don't want them back, but knowing how things work, they probably will be. That being said I have a different ballet coming in next weekend. Things are already looking up for this group. They've gotten in touch with me already, have a guy who is going to do lights for them and it looks like all I'll have to do is sound, which should be an easy pay check. Even if they have other requirements, we're still almost 2 full weeks out and we're talking, so I'll have plenty of time to take care of it. And that's that for now.

Piano update in a few days, by then it should be done.

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