Thursday, October 17, 2013

A post of Backlogs and busy-ness

I realize that my last post was about an eventual update, which never came. I have a literal backlog of things going on right now. Heavy into construction for our production of Grease. One of these nights I will in fact write out posts and get them published. Since the last update I've added a few projects which are in limbo due to my schedule, but they include;
-modifying a cheap cold steel blade into a small seax and dagger
-various Grease projects
-Going to the Ohio Renfest and talking briefly with Guido Crescendo, also known as David Woolley
-Buying a car, a Valiant Armory blade and a Starfire dirk, not sure which one I enjoyed more haha.

These are coming, with pictures, and will satisfy the couple of people that actually check my blog occasionally, if they even still do.

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