Thursday, April 12, 2012

Of Jungle Books and Alumni

Finally getting around to another long overdue post here but this has been one of the first chances I've had to do it. Jungle Book went off pretty much without a hitch and everybody seemed to love it.  This was the set before it got it's final hit of greenery. I'm rather sad with myself that I didn't get any great quality pictures of it in a finished form. The downside to this job has been that I'm so pressed for time I forgo some things that I really should be doing professionally, such as taking quality photos of my work. Oh well, I'm making due. Maybe next year I'll try to make a short photo call standard so that everybody is used to having to take some pictures like that, and so that I can get in on it, the few times it has happened, I've been preoccupied with other work while it was going on.

Here's one of my lower quality shots of the final product. Just some more green and some last bits of color with the stage finally touched up. The kids seemed to enjoy it quite a bit, they were always coming down to play on it while they were waiting for the show and rehearsal to start. All said and done I'm pretty happy with it, and on top of that I got paid more to do it than I thought I was going to, which was a fantastic plus. The turn out seemed to be a little less than it was for Pippi, but I think we still had a great crowd.

Now that all this is finished my life gets a lot easier till I start summer camps. I've got a few things left but no building, no major productions, just stuff that needs some sound and lights. Easy compared to the other stuff I've been doing.

In related news for those who haven't heard yet I'll be living on campus next year. Not sure where just yet but we were informed of that a week or so ago. This will be 9 kinds of awesome for lots of reasons. On campus you live, rent free and they provide tv, internet, water, electricity and 3 meals a day. So it will save a ton of money and get us out of a neighborhood in Providence that is.... less than ideal. On top of all of this, I'll be able to walk over to my shop whenever I want, home will always be a couple minute walk away, which has me really excited. It will make everything I do take less time and easier to do.

At the moment I'm gearing up to head home to Ohio in... about 4 hours for Bowling Green's Alumni networking event, to show off the new Wolfe Center and gather up some graduates. I'm a little disappointed because looking at who says they are attending I may be the most successful tech graduate coming back which is no good because we've got a lot of people working on broadway, or on national tours etc, so it looks like I personally won't get any new connections. However, it sounds like it should be a fun filled friend reunion of everybody we know and love together for a weekend of crazy fun and seeing Chicago in the new theatre. Sounds good to me. That's all for now folks.

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